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Anthony DeMaria's offical website.

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Over the last 20 years, Anthony DeMaria has piloted a wide range of businesses into success. Starting first with a career as an affiliate marketer, by just 22 years old, he had attracted millions of paying customers to his various brands. Since that early success, he has ventured into franchising with internationally famous brands such as, Mrs. Fields, Nathans Famous & others. He's the founder of a multitude of companies, such as Financial USA, Direct Investments, and Vacation USA. Nowadays, he's focused on the development of a social media platform that he believes will change how we communicate as a society.


Advocating for a drug free world.

June 1 2021, tragedy struck Mr. DeMaria and his family. His beloved brother, Jordan had succumbed to his addiction and passed away at just 28 years old. Jordan had struggled with addiction for the majority of his young life but had been sober for months until his passing. It took just one night for him to lose his life. Jordan was a kind, loving soul who always had a wonderful smile and helping hand to those in need. Looking at Jordan, it would be hard to tell he suffered with the disease of addiction. We now honor Jordan by telling his story, how this handsome, intelligent young man had lived and how much he's loved, and the importance of advocating against legalization of any dug. Jordan like most, start with marijuana. It truly is the gateway to the drug world.


"Growing up with a tough old school father figure, that had a cold outlook on the world, I was told I shouldn't dream. I had a picture in my tiny bedroom of a Lamborghini Diablo. I was told I'd never own one - that just pushed me to work even harder!


A biography covering his career and adventure filled personal life is in the works. 


Recent news and articles about Mr. DeMaria.


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